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Drumhead Court

This is what it comes down to.

Gwen and I have found out that several players have lied to us about their ages.

We are not happy.

As a result of this fact, we have decided to close the game completely, revoke the posting access of those we know to be underage, and blacklist the people involved. Yes, we are vindictive.

The reasons? Glad you asked.

- I am personally offended that I have been put into the legal position of child molester by rping smut with underage players, believing them to be overage. It may be a long hard slog to get it proved in any sort of court, but the people involved have indicated that there is a lot of parental drama on their end. This also worries me. Parental drama means vindictive parents.

- I am even more offended that the people involved who are overage chose to lie by implication, by inviting three underage players into a game that they knew required over 18, for legal reasons, rather than the fact that Gwen and I are ageist Nazi bitches. The reason that they gave, that we needed the players, has never held water, since we had something like eight people join that week, but it was not an issue that we chose to pursue. Instead, we chose to try to break up their incipient powergrab with the challenge rps.

- It is beyond the height of stupidity to actually post your age in your livejournal if you are joining a game and are actually underage. Only one of them was stupid enough to post their age of birth in their user info, but as it was complex to get an actual lj for that person, it's not that hard to believe. The other two both had their ages proven the same way.

I could continue, but will not.

The upshot of the matter is that steps are being taken. As mentioned, the closing of the game is one. The removal of posting access on all five players' parts is another. We will begin blacklisting all five as soon as possible.

To the parties involved - I am incredibly, incredibly angry at the immaturity demonstrated by the two of you. I wish, in fact, that one of you had ever contacted me, because then I could refuse to speak to you.

To the other three, who are underage - for what it's worth, Gwen and I are pretty convinced that you'll be good rpers, and additionally that this is less your fault, due to the circumstances of your arrival, than it is those who brought you in. We are, however, angry that none of you gave us the chance to know how old you actually are. And at this point, trying to convince me otherwise would take a birth certificate. However, if you had told me, after you were in, we could have cut a deal that would put no one in a position of being a child molester, and then we're good. Because whatever the legal status of the matter, and however hard it is to prosecute, to my way of thinking, I am guilty of that, inadvertently and via avatars. NONE THE LESS, I am guilty of it, and that pisses me right the fuck off.

You are all free to contact me, as is anyone else in the game. I apologise to the other players that things have ended so abruptly, but this has brought home to us the fact that whether we leave CW or not, we will always be associated with it, and we cannot trust the people who offered to take over as mods to behave in a fashion that would protect either of us. And I do not care that one of those people has rescinded their offer; that was after I made a number of posts in my journal about this issue.

I thank everyone for the time they put into the game. It was an enjoyable experience. If you have questions about it, or if you need a journal defriended due to wanting to take it to another game, let us know. You can reach me via my personal email, listed on the userinfo of this journal.

I'll see you all on the other side of this.
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Crap post to reply to, but...

Hi Cass, eleven years later! Miss you. <3 Was thinking of the game today; thought I would drop by and read through our old logs.