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Mod post

All right. I thought I'd do this post separate since large chunks of information seem to be basically ignored.

This is a more traditional mod post, with a few points for your consideration. Two of them were mentioned in the last post, but hey. Repeating never hurts, at least when I'm pretty sure that a lot of people don't believe me about things that are said.

- OOC posts
Do NOT post to the ooc board if you are going to either put up a post that violates the rules, or if it is a notice of away. Notices of away MUST be emailed to cw_mods at yahoo.com. I, personally, hate it when I look on the board and the entire first page of my flist is away notices.

The only situation where an away notice is acceptably posted to the ooc board is if your email is not working. And yes, that happens.

- Interacting
We issued the challenge rps to ensure that people who did not normally interact would interact. There are a lot of comfort groups that need to be broken up. We're not saying you can't interact with the mun playing your partner, but it's good to talk to other people too.

If people continue to ignore the mods when they ping - and yes, this is happening - that's a bit of a problem. It's rather rude, actually. Even if you don't normally accept unknowns, you should at LEAST have deadgods04 and cujoowl added so that we can reach you.

If the game persists in being cliquey (and if people persist in believing that we don't mean it about the challenge stuff) it will become uninteresting to me and Gwen. And we're not staying if that happens. Not a threat, simply a fact. I haven't the time to persist with something that's not interesting.

- Challenges
For the third time in this post, we do mean those. They are mandatory. If you have a problem with doing the challenge, let us know and we'll see what we can work out.

- New rules
The rules page has been updated. We are not going to enforce the rule about a probation period until we take new people in from this date - ie, no one is on probation - but ALL other rules WILL be enforced.

You can find the rules HERE. I strongly suggest you read them, and tell us what you think. We welcome suggestions, and if you think something's poorly worded, let either of us know.
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