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Having read the leaving post by our mods, I have to announce that I will be withdrawing my characters as well. Millicent without Snape and Pansy is pretty much non-functional, and therefore I will be disposing of her at the beginning of September. I'm afraid I will not be opening her up to be played, since I really can't imagine anyone would be able to keep track of the myriad quirks with which I have endowed her. I will keep Firenze around until Harry manages to defeat Voldie, since someone has to beat on the brat, but after that, I will be dropping him as well (and opening him up to anyone else who wants to play him), since Firenze without Harry and Snape just doesn't work. Emmaline, as a war character, is already slated for death.

Please know that this breaks my heart - CW was my first positive RPG experience, and it has been wonderful getting to know all of you, but I just can't see myself playing with Cass and Gwen gone, since they form the core relationships for my characters.

I'm sure the new mods will do a fabulous job, and I really hope CW continues as the wonderful game that it is.
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