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Hiatus and warnings

Activity Warnings:


All others were excused.


Hiatus notices:

cw_wood is still on vacation.
cw_firenze and affiliateds have just moved and will be available at some later point.
die_a_dishonour is not necessarily available until 25/8.


And, as ever, other things progress.

As a note, everyone should have their contact info on their user pages - it's come up several times that someone didn't know who played a char. That information should be available. I realise that we've asked for the information to be extensively updated, but I think we've gotten about as far as we're going to on compliance with that, and I'm tired of banging my head on the wall. So, you know.
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Sorry, I'm back. My computer's modem decided to die for a while so I had to get a new one. Also, I have talked to the new Oliver about plotting.
Okay, great. Also, do you have that email with the Percy/Ginny/Harry rp? Or do I need to forward it? I think it's time to wrap that sucker.
Send it to me and we'll wrap it in a nice shiny bow and put a DO NOT OPEN TILL XMAS sticker on it. ;)