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Activity warnings

It's time for activity warnings, hiatus notices, and reminders.

Activity warnings for this week:
__turpin (You didn't say you couldn't post, so I'm assuming you're still active.)

Everyone else seems to have been either exempt or to have requested an exemption on an emergency basis.


Hiatus notices for this week (or longer, if known - if so, dated)

cw_anthony (and affiliated chars) - Until 26/7
my_little_colin (and affiliated chars) - until 26/7
percyiweasley - Until 25/7
twilightfable - Until 1/8

ETA: poncymalfoy - Until 27/7

ANY AND ALL hiatus notices need to be emailed to cw_mods at yahoo.com. If you cannot access your email, posting to the boards is fine, but make sure that you mention WHY you are not emailing.


The following characters need to have their user info updated:


This is the format for the information that we want. Feel free to include more, but you have one week (unless you are on exemption for other reasons) to put this up.

Full Name:
Year Level:
Pets (if any):
Physical Description:
Background / Family History:
Interests / Hobbies:
Strengths and weaknesses:

And a disclaimer, something along the lines of this: Disclaimer: This is a character for the Kelly Street RPG. I do not own or profit from him. JK Rowling owns all the rights. The photos are of (YOUR PB HERE!), and I do not own any rights associated with his/her likeness.


Finally, we requested that people email us with specific information.

a) Your characters played (including war)
b) Your current AIM and email
c) Your location for timezone.

MANY thanks and a shout out to the people who did this. We have received this info from Tara, Jennifer, Lisa, Jason, Amiboshi, Cody, Tracey, Nat, and Orion. If your name's not on this list and not exempt above, we need to see it by this Saturday.

And no, we're not going to put it together by extrapolation. This is a requirement.


A reminder about the Challenge RPs, all of the pairings of which are listed in here.

We are serious about this.

Also, when you post these rps, please put, in the subject line, "Challenge RP: Character A and Character B." And the first person who actually puts Character A and Character B will be beaten. You have until August 10th to either do the rp or tell us why you can't, and we will decide the course of action at that point.

Thank you.
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